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Sky Broke Open


Come here you bright beautiful thing

earth is hanging from a string

pinned up from a sky of why

everything that’s kissed must die

come here and hang your lily head

the story you once knew is dead

I could kiss your blister better

you want to fly but you won’t let her


and, the sky broke open


did someone set a trap for you

and tell me am I breaking through?

stand up straight and kiss the sun

notice everything is one

come here you sweet endangered thing

it seems the moments taken wing

the comfort that you crave is me

because I swallow death I’m fee


The sky broke open

So I wanted to be there

The Madness


Darkness, space and empty unbecome again, unbecome again

Distance and the moments, only all there is, all there is…

Till all is lost

Awaiting the hammer of time

Till all is lost

And so I wait for the madness to come, again.


Distance, sweet resistance ~ sweet cacophony, bright catastrophe

Lifetimes, brief and bright times, summer’d just begun, we had just begun

Time slipped away

time for the seasons to mourn

take them away

and I can wait for the madness to come, again.


Briefly, only briefly did we taste the times… all along the lines

Broken, shabby token, spoken on the wind…  on the wind

Torn by the storm

Wait for the rain to become

Meaningless days

And so I’ll wait for the madness to come, again.

On an ending earth…


On an ending earth they stood

Resplendent in human brotherhood

illusioned till the end was come

the virus eats until it’s numb


it also thinks itself above

designed by god along with love

to use and tear and not despair

they’re why everything is there


On an ending earth they played

the children’s vicious masquerade

an earth god made for them to use

seemed impossible to lose


the virus eats away the host

the virus always matters most

the virus celebrates its births

more god kids on an ending earth

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