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"RIZ STORY is a true Renaissance Man!"


"RIZ STORY with ANYONE has released the album of the year, nothing less!"
Alain Massard -

"A magnificent solo virtuoso effort from Riz Story…  A mammoth  improvisational effort !"
Howard King - At The Barrier 

“Riz Story has pushed the boundaries of his “Maximum Acid” sound.  The contrasts and stylistic jackknife turns keep coming, but while Story might bamboozle as much as he bewitches, he’s certainly never boring.”
PROG Magazine

"When you consider that this is the work of one man, what an achievement!"
Steve Gould - MMH RADIO

"Contemporary, high octane prog rock that has all the right moves in all the right places."


"Californian polymath (RIZ STORY) reaches the apex of his long run to glory!"

Dmitry M. Epstein

"IN HUMANITY represents a magnificent solo effort of virtuosity in terms of performance, production, mixing and mastering on the part of RIZ STORY... transcendent inspiration animates the entire album, combined with great skill and technique.

5 Out of 5 Stars!"

Highlands Magazine - Didier Gonzalez

"Arrestingly atmospheric, and precious... the ensemble’s magnum opus"
Dmitry M. Epstein

"Keeps you glued to the speakers to see which direction the music is headed... An iconic piece of music"
JP's Music Blog


"It has been claimed that founder member of ANYONE, Riz Story "has invented a new breed of rock." (BILLBOARD MAGAZINE).  I would go further and say this is the much needed new sound rock music has been looking.  Riz's new sound is a stunning breath of fresh air."

Howard King - At The Barrier
"Anyone is a kaleidoscope of enthusiasm and fascination."

"The Mastermind (Riz Story) Plays all the Instruments.  A life-affirming listen ."
Dmitry M. Epstein


"Remarkable and Brilliant!"


 "This one gets a total THUMBS UP! Top pick!"
"very much the Riz Story show, and it’s a good one."
"fascinating sounds...  as improbable as they are magnetic."
"An intriguing set of musical ideals that deserve further investigation ."
Sea of Tranquility
"Eclectic, versatile and progressive."

"Riz Story brings a wealth of proficiency on the various instruments as well as being a skillful singer. IN HUMANITY is something special."


"Dramatic and evocative."
Music Street Journal

"5 Out of 5 Stars"

Rolling Stone

"In Humanity , reaches the highest level in terms of class and brilliance.  And the level of intensity is such that, at no time, does it come to mind that Riz Story is... alone in this dantesque adventure! Carried out with grandiosity."
Via Nocturna 2000

"An audio visual phenomenon!"


"ANYONE Rock with an all to rare grace"


"In Humanity is an excellent album that knows exactly what it is and exactly what it was always meant to be.   If you really want to sit down, concentrate and engage with an album’s vision, then this is a piece of work perfect for those moments."

Steven Reid - Sea of Tranquility 

"They put in one of the best performances at the summer festivals!"

Dave Ling - Metal Hammer

"Reviews have been staggeringly positive"

Modern Rock Magazine

"The most innovative band of the new millennium"

The Gauntlet

"A limitless palate of sounds and creative direction"

Cryptic Rock

"I was blown away... I really loved its grandness, its cinematic scope, the majesty of the compositions."
Jerry Lucky - The Progressive Rock Files

"A great display of virtuosity...The man's skills on all kinds of instruments is beyond dispute."
Progwereld -  Jos Driessen

"What is striking about this work is that Riz Story himself sang everything and played all the instruments on these tracks."

"A turning point in ANYONE's career that subtly sets a new benchmark in progressive rock."
Michael Haifl - Saiten Kult 

"Amazing music.  This is prog, but it's also modern... and very unique."

Music Steet Journal - Gary Hill

"Riz Story has done an impressive job releasing a great, different progressive rock album.  It is one of the those that grows on you after each listening."

Ignacio Bernaola - DPRP

"This nearly has no equal.  I'm very impressed, it's an overwhelming experience, very amibtious.  I am definitely delighted with the revealed inspiration and especially the technical finesse.  One can consider it his (Riz Story's) masterpiece."

Uwe Zickel - Prog Archives

“It’s one guy! One guy…  Riz Story!  Major props to him.”

#3 - Top Ten Albums of 2021
NewEars Prog Radio Show - Delicious Agony Progressive Radio

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