The Musician

"Avant Garde, very complex. I’ve never heard anybody else do that – play all those instruments on that level.”
Herbie Hancock - Jazz Legend

As a musician RIZ STORY is respected by the biggest names in the industry.  He has appeared on stages with artists ranging from Dionne Warwick to David Silveria (Korn), to Jon Davison (Yes).  As an accomplished Multi-Instrumentalist, Story performs on many instruments at a virtuosic level.  Starting with the piano as a child fascinated with music, he soon began adding instrument after instrument to his arsenal, including Baritone, Trumpet, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Cello, Vocals, etc.  Story is also known for his mastery of a wide variety of musical styles including Classical, Jazz Fusion, Rock, Country, New Age, Electronica, Hip Hop, R&B, Funk, Heavy Metal, Pop, Alternative etc.  

RIZ STORY improvising at the piano