"Poetry is a brief sparkle, the last words of a dying man, the weeping howl of a raging species before the night envelopes their futile epics"

Riz Story

The Virus Smiles

 Hope rained its empties on the meaningless season

Disgrace walked with honor to the trial of the treason

the virus bled miracles and gods to believe in

and earth spun, for no one – devoid of a reason


Such dust bled seeing into the meat of the spaces

Come to what life is in the space behind faces

Humanity goes rancid as their smiles devour traces

exist for non-reasons infesting their places


a gutter gods coil spit dream at the dreamless

splitting the seem, on the souls of the seamless

epics of nothings threw wish at the nowhere

radiate wantings at cosmos of don’t care


Such dust bled its miracles at the animate plagues

Who dance on the faces of saviors in graves

Who scream only dream as they pass through to seem

A meaningful life never knows what it means


The race is a comedy devoid of all smile

Who vomit high angels to worship and defile

When the dust came to life and bled shame for a while

And the guilty bled heavens In Humanities Trail


Planets and atoms – reasons and gods

Animals and angels bleeding such frauds

So stunk the virus devoid of a cause

Final bow at ovations devoid of applause 

The Younger You

How I loved the younger you

When tears of knowing joyed us through

When time immortal blissed at the perimeter of infinities

And we defied the aged movement, childlike and warmly


Colder than the sun sang bright

Came inhumanities permanent night

That such empty could fill the holes souls (innocent yet

And we threw poems at the cacophonies holy screaming


The younger you fell and flew

And every no one didn’t ponder times

Yet was coming…  and we died on his day

Useless innocence making away


I remember younger we

Faith-filled fodder, you and me

Smiling our smiles at deaths waiting whiles

And a species of feces waited in shadowed aisles


How I loved the younger us

Carrying a bag full of trust

Imaginings portholes all devoid of must

Playgrounds and graveyards all nothing meant


The younger them can’t comprehend

Life on life that life shall end

That endless yearning would soon be through

Never knew the younger you


How I loved the younger thens

Dreams and demons wait for whens

Silence now -  we’re almost through

Nothing, where once was the younger you

The Final Wisdom

And if there came a sunrise, would it mean we were alive
In the black throat of time there are many words stuck
Unspoken, like unlived epics

We laughed at such fools together, while
Existence rushed in 
And the disappearing everything, let us taste her

That we should choke on her, before we starve
Too full of life to live
This is the wisdom of impending death

The smiling are liars 
As true wisdom dreads the crumbling time
Make ready with me, 

that death will find us drowned
in seas of ecstasy

Love Letter to Humanity

You can sing about anything
Talk to god with swollen precision 
Revel in the universal oneness, with meant smiles
Celebrate mankind’s vast masturbations
in bloody ejaculates of progress

But you will only be imagining 

World peace is in pieces 
As if a planet infested with aching humanity could ever 
Rise above its putrid premise

The fatal flaw of virus brains
The human trail a bloody stain

Factions of horrors 
Religions of atrocity 
Technologies of doom
All living things destroyed and consumed

This is precisely you, dear reader.

Think them noble think them clever
Think their souls persist forever
Think them god kids – think them divine
Humanity is an infection that evolved a vile mind

The Great Deceiver

This savage miracle draped in love

A brief sparkle in the nothingness

Emergent longings)  nascent meanings coalescing

In the black guts of the universal room

Cornerless now, and silent amongst the exploding furies


Vicious virus needing love now

Awakened with sentimental infections

assassinated kin

bloody be

distortions of fury

when mother’s love, infected) stings the cannibal masses


There are no devils beyond the silence

when infinities plagued the infested earth

They are only incipient perhapsings

Scurrying in the nothingness

Dancing like brief and brilliant children,

Succumbing to the stillness


Let them invent demons

To vacuums vanquish

Where love evaporates on the embryonic breath of hell

And mankind slithers

Feeding on the living, incubated and weeping

In cramped cells of lifespans


I shall not guess at exploding existences

I shall not weep for all that has tasted life,

And railed against the annihilating moment

I shall not spin yarns of purposes folly

Nor radiate meanings in the void

Whilst genocides soothe the dawning of man


The Great Deceiver is an elegant man

Coiled serpent) whose venom is wisdom

Words of warm comfort, fathering and mild

Before he rips the beating blood

And devours the living

And the void bears no witness to the empty epic

when the stain of humanities cruel moment

Is lost in the expanding blacks

And the voices sing silence,

In the calming forgottens

and stillness devours the raging horror