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Solo Album Recorded in 1986

"Rare and out of print. The solo debut album "Self Portrait" by RIZ STORY.  This is a direct vinyl transfer.  Recorded when he was 17-19, before digital and protools existed.  One of my favorites because of its high ambition.  Lot's of influences ranging from Kate Bush to Peter Gabriel to U2 and a bit of Allan Holdsworth in some of the guitar stylings.  Riz is still making music and is a Los Angeles based film maker.  He was a brief member of the band Altered State (Warner Brothers).  He later formed a band called Sylvia Dreams of Angels, and later embraced hard rock forming ANYONE and inking a deal with Road Runner records.  It's interesting to imagine the same person who made "Self Portrait" was able to morph so seamlessly into acid rock/metal in later years, and then compose film scores and delve back into other art rock outings."



Nov 26, 2013


By the age of 18 Riz Story had amassed a large body of original material.  The decision was made by Riz's mother and father, to finance a full length studio album.  The album would be Story's first full-length work and feature all original music.  Story began work at Sound Affair studios in Santa Ana, California backed by various drummers and his brother (Len Wittrock) on bass guitar.  Story was mentored and taught by engineer/producer and studio owner Ron Leeper, and immediately showed an astonishing understanding of studio technique and theory. The resulting album revealed an eclectic mix of influences including U2, Kate Bush, Peter Gabriel, Rush, Yes, Alan Holdsworth and even classical music.  Impressed with what he heard, legendary mastering engineer Bernie Grundman (whose credits include Michael Jackson's "Thriller") agreed to master Story's first effort.  Album photography is credited to Ericson Core, who would later become a noted film director/cinematographer (Fast and Furious, Point Break, Invincible).


This rare recording was pressed into a limited vinyl release which inspired wide-spread interest from no less than seven Major Record Labels.  Soon the album would be abandoned by Story as 'juvenilia' and with only a limited amount of vinyl albums printed the recording became extremely rare and forgotten.  Today the album exists as a fascinating time-capsule and glimpse into Riz Story's early musical ambitions. 


1.  Listen

2.  Eyes of Innocence 

3.  Break Inside Me

4.  Self Portrait

5.  The Empty Sky Impression

6.  In The Flesh

7.  Slow

8.  They Go Away

9.  The Deepest Sleep

10.  2nd Glance

11.  Walk Home Alone



Composed and Arranged by:  Riz Story

Produced by:  Riz Story

Engineered by:  Ron Leeper

Mixed by:  Riz Story, Ron Leeper

Mastered by:  Bernie Grundman


Riz Story:  Guitars, Vocals, Piano, Synthesizers, Percussion

Len Wittrock:  Fretless Bass

Donald Miller:  Bass (Slow)

Mark Whitney:  Drums

Quint Bromley:  Drums

Brian Burns:  Drums (Slow)

Nicole Martynov:  Backing Vocals

Album Photography:  Ericson Core


Patricia and Lawrence Wittrock


Recorded at:  Sound Affair Recording - Santa Ana, Ca.

Recorded in 1985-1986

© 1986 Song Art Records / TogethermenT Records


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