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1999 - 2018



Story was called "a true Renaissance man" by BILLBOARD MAGAZINE in reference to his wide array of talents including composer, record producer, multi-instrumentalist, film maker (director, cinematographer, editor, etc.), writer, poet, actor, etc.  A California native, Story grew up in Laguna Beach, California.  Self-taught in both music and film making, Story composed his first symphony at age 15. Story is founder and president of the TogethermenT company, whose branches include music, film and television divisions.

In his capacity as an underwater naturalist and environmental activist, Story founded THE OCEAN SOCIETY in 2017, a global organization dedicated to ocean conservation.



Story formed the group Sylvia with Taylor Hawkins (Foo Fighters) and Jon Davison (Yes).  Sylvia changed its name to ANYONE and continued on with various members.


Anyone signed to Roadrunner Records in 2000 and recorded their eponymous major label debut, which was co-produced by Story and Rick Parashar. The album received unanimously favourable reviews throughout the world, including ''Billboard'', "Metal Hammer", "KERRANG!", CMJ, Rolling Stone, etc. and the album ''Anyone'' earned the #9 spot on Metal Hammer magazine's ''Metal Hammer Albums Of 2001'' list.  The Band were noted for their standout live performance, including "Metal Hammer" magazine stating that Anyone's performance at the Redding Festival, "was a festival highlight."  Anyone disbanded in 2006 when Story switched his focus to Writing/Producing and Film Making.


In 2012 Story formed a new band, INFINIKA, featuring Story and David Silveria (Korn). Infinika released a music video for its track entitled "Beautiful World" on April 2 of 2012.  The album, which was entitled "Echoes and Traces", was pulled from circulation by Story along with the announcement that it would be re-released under the name Anyone with a new updated mix.  The album was re-released in October 2016 and marked a brief reemergence of Anyone.  This was further confirmed by the appearance of a new Official Website.  The first Single from the album, "Fly Away" reached #6 on the Billboard Hot Singles Sales Chart and #1 on the DRT NATIONAL ROCK AIRPLAY Chart in December of 2016.

Riz Story has collaborated with various musicians of note including Jon Anderson (Yes), Taylor Hawkins (Foo Fighters), Wes Borland (Limp Bizkit), David Silvera (Korn), Stephen Perkins (Jane's Addiction) and Paula Abdul.



Starting in 2004 Story began focusing more heavily on producing and writing for other artists.  Story co-wrote, with Paula Abdul, the theme for Abdul's NBC show ''Live to Dance'' which was syndicated worldwide.  


Artists that Story has discovered and championed include New Age artist Kaliyani, actress/singer Kimberly Whalen, country artist Cooper Alan, female rapper Lilith and singer/actress Ethereal.

Story is the key collaborator with new age/world music artist KALIYANI.  In addition to co-writing and producing her material, Story directed her debut music video for "Nammu's Invocation".  The single also appears in Story's motion picture soundtrack album for "A Winter Rose" and hit #2 on the BILLBOARD Hot Singles Chart in December of 2016.


Story was chiefly responsible for the launching of ETHEREAL, who was signed to Story's TogethermenT Records In 2015.  Her debut single "Scattered Time" which Story wrote and produced reached #5 on the BILLBOARD Hot Singles Chart.  Four other singles by ETHEREAL appeared on the "A Winter Rose Official Soundtrack" album which was released in September 2016.


Story also launched the career of female rapper LILITH who signed to Story's TogethermenT Records in 2014. The LILITH debut single "Badass Bitch' hit #1 on the BILLBOARD Hot Singles chart.  In addition to writing and producing LILITH, Story also directed her debut music video.


Story was a key figure in the launching of country artist COOPER ALAN.  Story arranged, produced, mixed  and performed key instrumentation on the debut album, including the first single, "Carolina Saturday Night" which debuted at #6 on the BILLBOARD Hot Singles Chart.  Story also Directed the music video for the song.

Story is the key figure behind the music of KIMBERLY WHALEN.  He wrote, produced and mixed the four singles which appear in the film A WINTER ROSE, which is also her debut leading role in a motion picture.  The debut single, BLUE (featuring Riz Story) hit #3 on the BILLBOARD Hot Singles Chart on November 22nd, 2016.



FILM (Early Works)

Story began his film directorial career with ''Togetherment'' in 2000. Part documentary, part art film, part concert film, ''TogethermenT'' features interviews with a wide array of Orange County luminaries including celebrities (Dennis Rodman), Athletes (Christian Fletcher etc.) and bands such as Korn, Social Distortion, Foo Fighters, System of a Down, Orgy,  and Lit.   


His first narrative feature film, ''Goloka'' debuted on July 31, 2003 at the Dances with Films film festival in Hollywood, California. ''Goloka'' also played at other film festivals and was noted for its highly experimental poetic quality.  Entertainment Today Magazine proclaimed that, "Gorgeous shots abound, and the score is an unexpected treat".  Story never intended to distribute "Goloka" and considered it his 'student film'.  The original soundtrack was later released by Story's TogethermenT record label.




A WINTER ROSE marks Riz Story's big screen feature film debut.  ''VARIETY'' featured a piece in which they stated that "Riz Story embodies the indie spirit in A WINTER ROSE" referring to his multiple roles in the production of his big screen debut. Story covered every major position on the production including writer, director, producer, cinematographer (including aerial), editor, composer and mixer. 

The film world premiered at Hollywood's Chinese Theater where it was selected as opening night film by the 17th annual 'Dances With Films FIlm Festival'.  "A Winter Rose" was released theatrically by TogethermenT Films in an Exclusive Engagement with REGAL CINEMAS on December 2nd, 2016.  The film's worldwide distributor is 108 MEDIA - The film is coming to Video On Demand on October 20th, 2017.


The film features an ensemble cast including such names as Paul Sorvino, Theresa Russell, Billy Zane, Taryn Manning, Robert Miano, George Lazenby, Edward Furlong as well as newcomer Kimberly Whalen as Winter Rose.  


The first six singles to be released from the official "A Winter Rose Soundtrack" album have made the top ten of the Billboard "Hot Singles" chart, including a #1 from hip hop artist LILITH.  Story produced and performed all of the instrumentation on the films 26 original songs, 24 of which were written by him. 


THE GREAT DECEIVER is Riz Story's 2nd full length feature.  The highly unique supernatural thriller was produced by TogethermenT Films and is scheduled for release on August 25th 2020 in association with The Orchard and Random Media.


In August of 2017 Story announced a new film project entitled 'OCEANA'.  In direct reaction to the rapidly vanishing coral reefs and disappearing marine life, Story set out to capture the remaining pristine underwater habitats in the latest state of the art digital technologies, for posterity.  The announcement was made via the release of an Official Trailer, narrated by screen legend Jaqueline Bisset.  The film follows an adventure filled expedition to the worlds most pristine and remote marine habitats such as Fiji, Tonga, Rarotonga and Popua New Guinea.  Story simultaneously founded THE OCEAN SOCIETY, an international environmental activism organization aimed at protecting the planets oceans.  Having completed expeditions to Fiji, Rarotonga, The Grand Bahamas, Kiribati and Hawaii  the film remains in production.




Riz Story is a credentialed underwater naturalist with a lifetime of experience in underwater exploration.  He holds numerous certifications in the field of Scuba Diving, including a NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Diver credential.  In his capacity as a conservationist Story founded THE OCEAN SOCIETY, a world wide organization devoted to the preservation of the ocean.  He has also been active in the production of ocean oriented content such as "OCEANA" (feature film) and "Riz Story's Unexplored" (television series), a co production with the noted Wolper Organization.


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